Nappy Information and Common Q&A

As you research different options in modern cloth nappies it can be very confusing, there are so many varieties and brands. Below is some information on the type of nappies, nappy features and different material used in cloth nappies to consider when choosing the nappy that is right for you and your baby?


Prefold Nappy - Old style square shaped terry towelling material that requires folding, pins and waterproof cover.

Fitted Nappy - Shaped nappy, normally with elastic around the legs and velcro closures so no need for folding or pins, but normally requires an additional waterproof nappy cover.

All in One Nappy - Similar to 'Fitted' but has a waterproof cover sewn in. This nappy tends to take longer to dry.

Pocket Nappy - Consists of a nappy shell and separate absorbency inserts/ boosters that need to be inserted into a pocket in the nappy shell. As this nappy separates unlike the All in One Nappy, it is faster drying.

All in Two Nappy - Consists of a nappy shell and separate absorbency inserts/ boosters that sit on top of the nappy shell. This gives you the option of changing the insert/booster without having to change the whole nappy.


'Sized' Nappy - These nappies come in different sizes, typically small, medium large. You will need to purchase the various sizes and as your baby grows fast this may not be an economical option.

'One Size' Nappy - This type of nappy can be adjusted as your baby grows and will fit the average baby from birth to toilet training, eliminating the need for different sized nappes making it a more cost effective nappy option. One Size Nappies normally have rows of vertical snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the nappy size.

Nappy Closure options - Snap or Velcro - With velcro you can get a more snug fit and for ease of use it is the same as attaching a disposable nappy, but the velcro can accumulate fluff in it over time affecting the velcro. With the snap closure option you are limited to where the snaps are placed, but it is a good option when your little one gets to the age where they start pulling at their nappy. If you are unsure which closure type to get, I recommend getting a mixture of velcro and snap closures when purchasing your nappies.

Location of the pocket in 'Pocket Nappies' - Best location of the pocket is at the very top of the back of the nappy, if the pocket is a couple of centimetres from the top of the nappy, poo can get stuck under the pocket flap making it very unpleasant to clean!


Type of material used in cloth nappies can vary.

Waterproof Covers - normally made from Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) which is a breathable yet waterproof fabric.

Inner Layer - (next to the skin) is normally microfleece (100%polyester) or suedecloth and its purpose is to draw moisture away from the skin into the absorbency layers

Inserts / Boosters - can be made from bamboo, hemp or microfibre (synthetic material, combination of polyester and polyamide) and are used to absorb moisture.


Common Questions

How many cloth nappies will I need? - Newborns can go through 10 - 12 nappies in 24hrs. If you want to use cloth nappies only during the daytime, it is recommended you will need approx 12 nappies and if you want to use cloth nappies both day and night you will need approx 24 nappies.

How often do I need to change the nappy? - All babies are different, but on average every 2 -3 hours. As your baby gets older you may find you will not need to change as often.

Do you need additional water proof cover when using cloth nappies? - If the nappy has a PUL outer cover than no additional water proof cover is required.

My nappies still have a yellow poo stain after washing, should I be soaking the nappies before washing? - No soaking is required, after you wash your nappies hang them out in the sun and this will bleach them white (trust me this works!!).

Can cloth nappies be used at night? - Yes, however you may find you need additional absorbency inserts if your baby is sleeping for long periods.

What can I do my nappies have started leaking and don't seem to be as absorbent as they normally are? - If they start leaking, it is likely due to a build up of washing detergent in the nappy material. When you wash your nappies next, do an additional wash or two without any detergent to strip any detergent build up in your nappies. Remember to only use a 1/4 of the washing detergent and use the additional rinse cycle when washing nappies to prevent detergent build.

My nappies still have a urine smell after I have washed them? - Just add a couple of drops of lavender or Eucalyptus oil when washing your nappies and hang them out in the sun to dry, Do not use extra washing detergent as this will affect the absorbency of your nappies.

Will the inserts/ boosters shrink after washing? - If they have bamboo material in them then yes they are likely to shrink a little.









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