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The Absolutely Baby Swim Nappy has soft elastic all the way around the legs and waist to contain any 'mess' while in the water. They are made with waterproof PUL and have a light weight polyester inner lining so they won't weigh your baby down in the water.

What's so great about our swim napies is that they have 4 rows of snaps on both sides making them even more adjustable and will fit your little one for longer!

They can also be used as nappy covers and look so cute!

Save money on swim nappies for your little one, grab a couple today! Also check out our Wetbags, great for storing wet swimmers when your out and about!

Available in a variety of patterns.

Available in 2 sizes :

HOW TO USE: Simply adjust snaps around the waist and legs to ensure a snug fit, this will help to contain any mess while bub is in the water.

Absolutely Baby Swim Nappies do not need to be used with any inserts and should be put on bub just before entering the water.

Just rinse after use and hang to dry

swim nappy 4 snaps both sides