Nappy Care

To make sure you get the most effective use from your nappies please read the following.


Wash all nappies and inserts a couple of times before using to remove natural oils, residue from manufacturing and increase the absorbency of the nappy. Dry nappy in between each wash. Note: inserts with bamboo material may take up to 8 – 10 washes before they reach maximum absorbency.

Wash dark colour nappies (especially red) separately during the pre use washes.


After use, fold velcro tabs back (only for velcro nappy) to prevent tabs sticking to other items in the wash.

Remove any excess soiling (poo) in the toilet.

Remove inserts from pocket nappy and place nappy and insert in a dry bucket with air tight lid. No soaking required prior to washing.

Note: Do not add anything (e.g. stain removers, bleach, vinegar, fabric softeners etc.) to nappy or inserts before, during or after washing as it will affect the nappy's absorbency and deteriorate the water proof material.

Do not use detergent that has dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners, brighteners, pure soap and napisan

Wash nappy and insert on warm wash cycle with only 1/4 of washing detergent (using too much detergent can cause liquid to be repelled from the nappy, affecting its absorbency).

Use extra rinse cycle to ensure washing detergent is removed.


Hang on clothes line or use dryer on low heat to dry.

Note: After washing, nappy and inserts may have a yellow stain remaining. Hang out on cloth line in sunlight and yellow stain will vanish.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions regarding nappy care.









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